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Titus Peterson

Hi, I am Titus Peterson, Software Engineer at Shopventory

Titus Peterson is a Software Engineer at Shopventory, where he works on cool products for small businesses. Titus loves solving problems and helping our the little guys, and at SHopventory, he can do both.  Titus also is part of a small startup called Dodecki that that is changing the way people and restaurants interact.

Titus Peterson's Background

Titus Peterson's Experience

Core Applications Engineer & Supervisor at Northrim Bank

October 2012 - October 2014 | Anchorage, AK

I am the technical lead for our Core Banking applications and ecosystem, which powers our $1.2bn bank. From enterprise database systems, to middle tier web and API servers, to front end applications used by the organizations operational staff, I ensure security, connectivity, availability, and disaster recovery. I work with proprietary API systems to make disjointed applications talk to each other, I develop front-end components for critical business processes, and I performance tune critical database systems. I also manage a 5 person team that is responsible for many critical functions, including data integrity, balancing, and user troubleshooting within the Core Banking applications.

Data Systems Analyst & Database Manager at Air National Guard

May 2007 - May 2013

I provide database analysis and management for the G081 (CAMS for Mobility) database system and also function as Distributed Systems Administrator to provide technical support for database systems on site.

Site Manager at Dellew Corporation

January 2011 - September 2012

I am the Site Manager for Dellew Corporation at our Elmendorf AFB site. I am responsible for ensuring all contract requirements are met, managing employees, creating and presenting project reports, writing and submitting expense reports, and providing leadership and training to military personnel that utilize the systems we are responsible for. Also function as network administrator for multiple small, closed networks for the Base Testing Center. I develop highly secure solutions for classified testing materials to be transferred between server and client systems.

Titus Peterson's Interests & Activities

Computer programming, web programming, software development, operations management, open source activism, open source contribution, entrepreneurship

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